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FadeFM for Alexa

FadeFM for Alexa

Just say: “Alexa, ask FadeFM to play Station X

To activate FadeFM for Alexa, search for “FadeFM” under Skills and Games in your Alexa app or just ask Alexa to “Open FadeFM” to play a Random FadeFM Radio Station.

The first time you use FadeFM for Alexa you will need to accept some terms to make sure we can offer you the most user friendly radio experience, but please be assured, we gather no personal information to identify you.

The next time you use FadeFM for Alexa you can ask for a station directly, just say “Alexa, ask FadeFM to play Station X (the name of the station you want to hear)”. If you usually listen to the same station, you can just say “Alexa, open FadeFM”, and FadeFM will resume playing your last played station.

“Alexa, ask FadeFM to play